Meet Shaun Ross

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       Shaun Ross is an American model, dancer and actor of African descent. He was discriminated against and bullied as a child for being an albino. He was discovered on YouTube in 2008 at 16 years old. He has modelled for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. He has been in the pages of British GQ and Italia Vogue. During the New York Fashion Week of 2013, he used the hashtag #InMySkinIWin to promote self love. Shaun Ross is not just another model, he appeared in Beyonce's Pretty Hurts and Party video, and Katy Perry's E.T video. He had a feature role in Lana Del Ray's 2013 film Tropico. He worked on America's Next Top Model. He has also written two articles for Huffington Post. To know more about albinism, read the mini world of albinos.                     

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